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Great posting! My partner and i, as well started out workboxes the very last week of school not too long ago mainly because I simply didn't want to hold out. My spouse and i placed today in the weblog about these, too! What a terrific idea, and it also looks like it works with regard to a wide variety styles of home school mums!

montblanc meisterstuck

If you are reading these testimonials, you are probably a parent feeling very isolated and frustrated. I was there a few weeks ago. Since joining this group I have felt supported and no longer alone. As the members of the group all have experience there is often fantastic advice and suggestions on ways forward. Don't feel alone, the people in this group are more than happy to support and help you. Many thanks to the wonderful Kay for setting it up.

Alison Suckley

Relieved parent

I am so pleased I found this site a few months ago now . As I was stuck in a rut and did not know what to do , I have found some great information on here and the group has helped me and my son so much thank u everyone


Thank You

The help and support from this website has been phenomenal. To know that you are not alone is such a relief, and the practical assistance has been worth its weight in gold. I would have no hesitation in recommending this site to anyone who is struggling with an anxious child.


Full time Mummy

In my school there were 2 cases of children who I consider school refusal. 1. A Male Student Grade 6 Elementary School: He was moved from another city. Log in at the beginning of the semester in grade 6. Here he lived with his brother, while his parents lived in the home town. Initially he was school as usual, but a few weeks backward he did not go to school. It turned out that she ran away from home to where his parents live. He did not want to go back to school. It turns out he did not want to live with his brother here. 2. A Male Student Grade 4 Elementary School: He was still awaited at the school and escorted by her mother. He did not want the school if not taken his mother. He is a child who cries easily when disturbed his friends. So he frightened himself when going to school. Are both these cases include School Refusal? Is there an instrument to detect school refusal? Thank you.


Detect School Refusal

Im hoping that you have found this website useful and that if you have used the "Contact Me" facility, that I have been of some help. Please feel free to leave a message about your experience of the website...what you think was good, bad, is missing, was helpful. Everything helps towards me making sure it gets better and better.

Kay Mawson

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