School Refusal 
Support Services
     for School Phobia, School Refusal 
                       & Anxiety In Children

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E-Petition - Help me help you

There is currently an e-petition open for UK residents to sign. 

The aim of this e-petition is to have School Refusal children recognised and acknowledged in schools and within the Education Department. 

The aim is to educate schools and staff so that they can :

  • 'identify' the child
  • 'recognise' school refusal and any other accompanying factors
  • 'take' appropriate action
  • 'make' 'suitable' referrals
  • have 'appropriate resources' available to assist families who have a School Refusal child.  
  • to 're-consider' the Attendance Rule which School Refusal is a factor.
  • work with and accommodate school refusers and their families.
  • Listen to parents more

This will only happen if you sign the petition

Sign  HERE