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It would seem that there is a significant FLAW in the Education Attendance Law.

Let us take a look ........

You may be asked to provide evidence of a mental health condition for your child.

You would need to first visit a GP to request a referral. The Law states a GP cannot diagnose as this is insufficient evidence. A diagnosis needs to come from someone above a GP. This would be someone like a Psychologist etc say from....... Child Adolescent Mental Health Services, of Children & Young Peoples Services.

Child Adolescent Mental Health Services & Children's & Young Peoples Services have a delay of 6 – 12months

Before you get to see CAMHS or CYPS, you would have been sent letters from school or the Local Authority following the Education Attendance Law. This action is premature as it won't allow parents a fair chance to gain a first appointment, never mind a diagnosis from the legally specified professional.

Due to this FLAW, can a GPs letter bridge the gap until a diagnosis is received? Or what else can be done to prevent parents being unnecessarily charged a fine for delays which are out of their control.

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