School Refusal 
Support Services - SRSS
     for School Phobia, School Refusal 
      & Anxiety In Children

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Help and Information

Within this section, there are resources for you to learn and understand more about what is happening to your child, and how to cope and move forward.

Please select from the drop down menu, one of the following:

  •  Assessment PDf - this assessment tool is called 'School Refusal assessment Scale-Revised (P). A direct link is provided to the source to whom we give thanks.

  • Books to Help  -  Here you will find a selection of books which I hope will help clear a pathway to moving forward, understanding and providing ways of coping.

  • DONT's -  some brief information on things NOT to do which you may find people are telling you you should be doing

  •  Facebook Groups  -  Here you will find several groups which have been created for UK, USA, Australia and Professionals.

  • Letter Templates
  • Many parents I have come into contact with will talk about pressure from schools through a diminished attendance level.  Keep the school informed but should push come to shove and you need something a little formal then why not view the templates to gain an idea of wording when putting things down in writing.

  • 8. News, Headlines and Info
  • Ever feel like people look at you like you've gone crazy?!  Yes, many of us know that feeling.  Read up on these reports so that you can re-assure yourself that you're not the only one and also use them as evidence to show others.

  • 9. Statement / Educational Health Care Plan (Single Plan)
  • A page to better support you on the application process and stages you go through when applying for the Educational Health Care Plans (Single Plan) - Previously termed "Statements"

  • 10. Tools to Recovery
  • This is what worked for us