NOW !!! NOW !!! Comprehensive Andrew was so proud as was I on this special BIG day. He left home without a hitch and with a small amount of anxiety - surely everyone did though !! 145739941 The Performer A stronger child who has now found strength to act and perform infront of an audience. I never saw this coming. Its a wonderful feeling. He giggled trying to manage his lines yet knowing what joke was coming next. A wonderful and proud moment. 145739943 Achiever WOW.... he should have a million medals for all of the achievements battling through School Phobia. This is one of the medals he won for sports. 145740085 Cricketer He never gave up and was supported by his cricket coach Shane at the worst times. 145740183 12th birthday September 2011 and we celebrated andrew's 12th Birthday. A different young person all together. Im so proud of him. 145740193 Happy Birthday Moment With sarah on his birthday. 145740316