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What are the Consequences of Ignoring our Children

Posted by Kay Mawson on January 31, 2013 at 6:10 AM

I have been contacted by many adults now, most of who are parents with their heads spinning, emotions running high, tired and not knowing what they are going to do next.  If they are anything like me, they were or are probably feeling sick with nerves themselves about what they were going to face at the school gates with their child the following day.  BUT, some adults who have contacted me have been those children who were dragged to the school gates kicking and screaming,pleading, crying and desperate to be heard.  As adults they can reflect and know exactly what was happening to them.

What do all these adults have in common? They were all suffering from School Phobia.  Were they listened to by their teachers? No !  Were they given the help they needed when their parents took them to Doctors and Psychiatrists etc? No!  Were they deemed as difficult children who were simply attention seeking? Yes!!  And are there lasting consequences to this....ignoring the child? Yes !!  So what is it these adults are now telling me?  Are they telling me " Oh that was an awful time but Im happily married now with children and Ive got a great Job"? Definitely Not !!

The three that have been brave enough to talk to me have all told me that they still suffer from anxiety disorders, find that there are restrictions to their lives and wish that this information was available when they were children so that they did not have to suffer the way they did.  Strange though as a decade or so later and I feel not much has changed. Do we really want these consequences for our children because this is what the lack of knowledge in school, education departments and court systems (attendance) is doing.

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