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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and special thanks go to:

School Refusal Support Services old

Marianna Csoti

For writing her book, sharing her experience and giving me a point of reference.

Dr Patterson

For recognising the condition, diagnosing and getting us the help and support needed.

Dr Prasad

For working with Andrew through a very difficult and emotional time

Anxiety UK

For giving me the opportunity to share our story and for putting our story forward to ITV Daybreak

ITV Daybreak

For allowing us the opportunity to have time on 'air' to let people know that School Phobia & School Refusal does exist which has hopefully helped other families in this position.

St Josephs RC Primary School

For supporting Andrew, giving him the opportunities and make a huge difference to his recovery

Paul Bartley

For his continued help and support with the production of this website.

Chopwell Banner Group

for their kind donation to our organisation

And of course ....

All of you

For continuing to share your stories with me, helping build numbers and for giving this condition a much needed Voice !

I do not claim credit for any informal pictures used on this webpage. 

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