School Refusal 
Support Services - SRSS
     for School Phobia, School Refusal 
      & Anxiety In Children

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Off The Fence, a TV production company are currently looking for learner drivers to take part in a brand new series for the BBC. This brand new show will follow learner drivers who face more than the usual difficulties in passing their test, those with a challenging condition such as autism, Down's syndrome, ADHD, Asperger syndrome and a range of learning disabilities/difficulties and neurological disorders. We very much hope to explore some of the barriers they face as they try to achieve this important right of passage.


Aiming to be warm-hearted in tone, we will meet some of the UK’s most inspiring learner drivers (and their families, friends and driving instructors) as they get behind the wheel and strive to achieve their driving dreams. We hope to film with students at all levels of learning; from those who haven't yet set foot in a car to the more advanced and test-ready.


Our aim is to make a documentary that highlights the fact that most people regardless of their condition can learn to drive if they receive the correct training and support. 


We are eager to talk to people from across the country who are getting to grips with life on the road and might be keen to be part in this series. If you are interested or would like to find out more about the series please call us on 0117 909 7561 or email [email protected]